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Elvis' Bedroom

These are RARE photos of Elvis’ private upstairs world of Graceland. Never before seen pictures of Elvis’ bedroom, Lisa Marie’s bedroom and Elvis’ master bathroom where he was found dead on that dark day, August 16th, 1977.

This package includes 12 color photos with different views of Elvis' Bedroom, Bathroom, Upstairs Office and Lisa Marie's Bedroom along with detailed descriptions.

You also get the Complete Upstairs Floor Plans of Graceland to show you exactly how the King lived in his private world. It shows you the complete upstairs layout of Graceland.

Here is a description of what you will see in this package:

You will see the door at the top of the stairs. Once you go through this door Elvis' office is on the left and the double doors to his bedroom are straight ahead. This is the first room you come to in the upstairs of Graceland. This office is complete with a stand up piano with a gun rack right  above it. You will then see the doors going into Elvis' bedroom that are blue double padded doors. The bedroom was covered in pleated black and red velvet. Velvet even covered the windows of the bedroom. On the walls at both  ends of the bed was a smoked mirrors with a black velvet border. The ceiling was done in green Naugahyde with two TV's above the bed. Light came from hanging swag lights that hung on the side of the bed. Additional light came from cove lights that shown on the ceiling. On a red carpeted platform between the bed and windows was the 26 inch floor model RCA television. Elvis always kept the TV's on. Often on different channels with the sound off. On the other side of the bed were the three monitors on a wood table. They showed the house from the den to the front gate. Elvis spent many hours in front of these monitors and did most of his paperwork while sitting in font of them. All the windows were covered with blackout curtains. Elvis' only window to the world was his TV and security monitors. The bedroom was cooled by large central air units and supplemented by a large window unit that blew directly on Elvis' huge 9 foot by 9 foot bed. Elvis kept the temperature in the 60's most of the time. Elvis' Headboard featured black Naugahyde with a built in armrest that allowed Elvis to sit up in bed.

Elvis' Bathroom:

This is one of only two photos taken during Elvis' lifetime of his bathroom. You can see many of Elvis' hats above the shower area. Elvis was found near the area wear the rug is located on the left of the photo. On the other end of the bathroom lead into the dressing room were a bed was once kept for the bodyguards. The Master bathroom was unlike the bedroom. It was large and bright covered in gold and black tiles with a twelve foot counter and a purple sink. The room was lit by one window and rows of dressing room lights around a large mirror. The room also had a large circular shower done in black, brown and white tiles. Elvis often spent time reading in the bathroom and had  chair and reading light for this purpose. Elvis had a black toilet with a padded seat that sat low to the floor. Even the toilet was once shot by Elvis and had to be replaced.

You will then get good look at the ceiling of the bedroom. It was padded green Naugahyde. The walls were also covered in Naugahyde that were padded in vertical channels of Naugahyde. Then there is a photo showing the left side of Elvis bed. In the window is an air conditioner the was needed to keep the bedroom as cold a Elvis liked it. Behind Elvis' headboard was a mirror. The entry door is to the left the padded door on the right is a small closet. The image of a TV behind the bed is the security monitor that was located on a table to the left side to the bed. Then you will see a view of the foot of Elvis' bed. Elvis kept his RCA 2000 TV on a raised platform. Also you can see a statue of Jesus that was in Elvis bed room for many years. One of the fur chairs is located in the new display area at Graceland. Elvis  had  a large Tiger that a fan gave him on the top of his T.V. The lighting for the bedroom came from light that were behind the curtains the encircled the bedroom. This next photo is the view that Ginger Alden would of had the day Elvis died. The doorway to the bathroom had a sliding door that was often open. On one side of this short entry way to the bathroom was a small refrigerator located on the right on the left was storage. . Elvis was found by Ginger just to the left of the bathroom doorway. The security monitors are shown next to the bed. The head of the bed is to the right in this photo.

Elvis' bedroom and bathroom are still to this day exactly, precisely the way he last saw them. Nothing has been touched. Underwear, socks, pajamas, sweaters, gloves, scarves and other items are still kept in the dresser drawers.

(Very Rare Photos of Graceland Upstairs)
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